About Us

Ta Beauté is a Black Owned brand dedicated to inspiring women everywhere to invest in their beauty supplies and wardrobe essentials, with the ultimate aim to enhance their look. With a variety of items to choose from, including our bestselling wig storage solution, we take pride in our product selection and we are constantly looking to expand. We value customer opinion and tailor services based on what we know our customers want.

Ta Beauté, meaning ‘your beauty’, signifies the message behind the brand of encouraging women to take pride in their appearance and better their confidence. The ‘All About You’ slogan demonstrates what the brand is all about, making sure our customers are happy and attending to their needs. 

Lashes sold at Ta Beauté are made from gently brushed mink fur. For a more premium look, the hairs are not dyed or chemically processed but sterilised to avoid allergic reactions. Lashes are then meticulously handcrafted to create uniquely fluffy and wispy styles. We guarantee that the process is 100% free from animal cruelty.