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length : 25mm 
material: mink fur
uses: up to 20 wears

Care Instructions

Our lashes are reusable and long lasting. To keep them in good condition follow these steps:

1. Brush lashes using a spoolie

2. Remove glue from the cotton band

3. Place lashes in warm water for 2 minutes

4. Place lashes on dry paper towel

5. Brush lashes again and leave to air dry

Delivery Information

Express and Standard Shipping available in the UK.

FREE Shipping on all orders £40 and over.

We also ship worldwide. Please see FAQs for more information.

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We guarantee that our premium mink lashes are made with 100% mink fur to ensure the finest quality and ultimate look. Each supplier is carefully picked and we never compromise on our standards, so every lash is checked and approved before being sent to our customers.

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